Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Stella

Today the baby girl turned 3. Its been a big last 12 months. Stella has weaned from breastfeeding, traveled overseas, had tantrums at some of the most famous sites in London and Paris, started 3 year old kinder and started daycare for the first time.

Besides the tantrums, she has approached it all with gusto and confidence. The baby who slept in our bed, breastfed constantly and needed to be held to not be screaming, the child who I was making numerous rods for my own back with, is the most outgoing, self assured, clever little girl ever.

Stella on this your 3rd birthday know that I think you are amazing. I love nothing more than being in your presence. You make me laugh and smile and scream. You are so ready to be a big girl, but always seems to know when I need you to stop and take up residence in that spot on my lap that you just curl up into perfectly.

I look forward to the coming year as you find your feet without your mumma hovering nearby. What a ride its going to be.

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