Thursday, March 25, 2010

Busy doing everything and nothing all at once...

I have been more than slightly AWOL from blogging of late. Its just that, well, I haven't had much of interest to write about, and when I have, I have been so very busy that I just haven't had the time to write about it. So here is a rundown of what has been keeping me so busy doing nothing in particular.

BabyCenter as always is just a constant source of work. Appointing new moderators, editing potty mouth members, sticking and unsticking posts for my lovely mods. Of course the danger is that I sit down to do my work for the day and end up wasting hours and hours cruising around BC to see what is going on, sprung some secret pregnancies that way or I just check in on FB and well... need I say more.

Scrapbooking. I have returned to scrapping and am loving it. Not only do I love the creative outlet, I love the time to myself. I don't have to worry about if I can hear the kids, or what to cook, or the washing, its just me, photos and coloured paper.. well and all those lovely lovely embellishments in the store.

ABA. Meetings are always a good time out, and recently I organised our groups fundraiser, we had the very lovely and talents Susan Darcy come and photograph our families. She is very generously donating 100% of the booking fee plus 10% of sales back to our group. Naturally my kids were wonderful alone, hamming it up for the camera, but because mumma was desperate for a great shot of the 2 of them together, neither child wanted to play. Actually let me correct myself there, Xave was more than happy to sit with his sister, Stella was cranky and did not want anyone touching her or putting her on the or not.

And most exciting of all was our family trip to Sydney. We flew with Tiger, which is always asking for trouble, but for $25 what more can you expect. Flight was cancelled, switched to flight 3.5hours later, lady at check-in was a bitch and it took all I had not to tell her so. Hotel was great, kids were great, we did lots of walking, I did lots of drinking with BC girls and Xave was in heaven, between a day including a car, bus, plane, train and ferry what more could a little boy want. The kids even slept in the pram and sat next to each other in the side by side without killing each other. Pleasant change me thinks.

Oh almost forgot, I also did my first baby and kids market with BBH nappies and it was really good. Not huge sales, but lots of people took info, so fingers crossed they become customers. Next market I am going to organise the table a bit differently and print of a list for people to sign up to my mail list, I did mean to do this for that market but just forgot. Live and learn.

Finally, the children are starting to play so much nicer together. There is less and less hitting and pushing and more and more cuddles and kisses.. although one needs to watch Stella closely... I have a BITER!!!! nooooo she pretends she is coming of for a kiss.. and chomp, she gets ya. She bites me, Xavier and the other day her friend Nazeem... how embarrassing...

So as you can see, have been busy but not really doing much at all...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spoke too soon...

Yesterday arvo Xave woke with a temperature. Nothing drastic, but after being awake for just over an hour he took himself back off to bed and slept for almost 16 hours straight. Definitely not normal 2 year old behaviour.

This morning he had perked up a bit, but in the shower pretty much crashed again, Adam said he was on all fours just shivering on the shower floor, not a good look. He did muster enough energy to scream at Adam however, when he turned the shower off. He also found the energy to scream at us as we tried to get him dressed (no, no pants, no tee shirt, no jocks) he wanted to wear a towel and nothing else. We had talked about going shopping before he got in the shower, while he was bouncing on the bed, and boy oh boy did her remember that after his shower. We were trying to talk him around to lying down for a rest, but alas he screamed at us some more that he wanted to go shopping. Luckily Stels was also very ready for a sleep by this point, so she went down in her cot and he crashed in our bed with Daddy lying with him.

After he woke his temperature was much higher so off to the Dr's we went. Surprisingly only an hour wait for an extended hours bulk billing clinic nearby. We have had to go there a few times of a Sunday or public holiday and have always had really great Dr's there. Granted when I had pleurisy I had to wait almost 4 hours with a newborn to see a Dr, despite having chest pains, but today wasn't so bad.

I was possibly mean mummy, but I didn't give him any panadol before we went to the Dr's, because I didn't want his temperature or behaviour masked by pain relief, I wanted the Dr to see what was actually going on, besides he had had some in the early hours of the morning. By the time we go in to see the Dr his temp was 40.8 OMG that's crazy high. Dr checked him over and found nothing wrong with him as such, we were sent off to the nurse for a dose of panadol and to be observed. His temp came down and the Dr asked to see us again. We have been asked to get a urine sample and go back to see him again tomorrow.

Since coming home we have had another big sleep, a few small spews and a hilarious wee collection tale. He has been in a nappy most of the day due to him sleeping so much, but after a bath, which he protested loudly about getting into, then protested louder about getting out of, we put him in some jocks. He started whinging, we asked if he needed to go to the toilet, we had talked about the special cup he needed to do wees in for the Dr (oh the conversations you have as a parent) and he agreed. Adam was holding the cup (good job daddy) as Xave proudly pee'd into it... when I hear..'problem, problem'... Xave had a big big big wee ready to go, much more than the cup could handle, I attempted to push the potty over to catch the overflow, and was thwarted by the lid closing as I slid it across the floor... result, a full cup of wee AND wee all over the floor... I was laughing so hard there were tears.

So for now, he is asleep in our bed, whether he stays there or not is yet to be seen. Temperature is under control, mood has improved, wees is collected.. lets see what the night brings and what the Dr has to say tomorrow.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Plodding along nicely...

No really we are just plodding along nicely. Which is great in one sense, life is good, but bad in the sense of having anything remotely interesting to blog about...

Kids are still fighting, but Stels is starting to walk more and more, nowhere near enough for me to say that I have a walker, but taking more and more steps every day. And rather chuffed with her efforts too I might add. Xavier seems to be growing out of the baby talk and starting to use big boy words again... he will just parrot back anything you say to him, (mental note, clean up the potty mouth) and has taken to calling his sister Missy Moo! So very cute of him.

Both kids are starting to enjoy swimming, Stella has taken to it much better than he has however, but I think that perhaps its her youth (compared to him) that makes her a bit less fearful in the water.

Toilet training is going well, not even any hilarious stories coming from there. He wears jocks, he tells me when he needs to go if we are out, all too easy... still in nappies at night time though, despite his insistence that he doesn't need them.

So really just wanted to let you all know that I'm alive, just bored and boring...