Monday, October 11, 2010

Xavier is 3!!!

WOW how did that happen? I remember his arrival like it was just yesterday, and now I am a mother to a 3 year old.

Yesterday, 10th October, Mr Xavier had a party to celebrate his big day. There was cake, balloons, a jumping castle and a pinata. He had lots of friends come play and was spoilt rotten with amazing gifts.

So for you my darling boy, despite telling me you are now a big boy, you will always and forever be my baby boy. The past year has been full of challenges and joys as you have developed your own way of doing things, grown to adore and annihilate your sister (often at the same time), and learnt to chuck the tantrum from hell. If I'm being completely honest, I haven't always liked you this past year, but rest assured I have always loved you. I approach the coming year with trepidation  (I hear 3 is harder than 2) but look forward to coming out the other side with you.

Maybe 3 year olds are a bit like year 9's, they both start the year completely insane and irrational but given time they come good, until towards the middle of the year you find yourself warming to them and think they completely rock by the end of the year. Let's aim to be rockin it this time next year!

Thank you for making me a mother and teaching me every day just how to get the job right. I'm lucky that I have such a forgiving (and cute) boss. Love you, big boy.