Monday, October 10, 2011

Xavier is 4!

Today Xavier turned 4 and is in complete and utter denial about the fact. He has been lamenting for the past week that he doesn't WANT to be 4, he likes 3 just fine and thinks that he will just stay 3 for a bit longer. Oh the logic of a 3, almost 4, year old.

Some random facts about Xavier to note;
  • After spending his early 3's changing his favourite colour as often as his underpants, he has finally settled on PURPLE.
  • His sister Stella is his best friend in the whole world. 
  • When he grows up he is going to have 3 girl babies and 2 boys babies (all at once too it seems). His babies will cut their way out of his stomach with their scissors, because he doesn't have a gyna for them to come out of, and they will do this when they are ready (because mummy, 'its not for us to know when the babies are ready, only the babies know that')
  • His favourite dinosaurs is the stegosaurus and second is the triceraptops.
  • He loves fish fingers, mac and cheese, strawberries, bananas and pink milk. 
  • He was so excited that the girl he loves at kinder came to his birthday party. So much so that he made her a card that very night to say thankyou for coming. 
  • Xavier started dancing lessons this year and never before have I seen him so much in his element. He adores not only his teacher but just dancing. I see in his face, when he thinks no one is looking just how much joy it brings him to dance. 

On Saturday, we threw a dinosaur party for our big boy. Despite the shy smiles, and reservation he displays, he had a fantastic time celebrating with his friends. For his actual birthday today we headed to Scienceworks to check out the dinosaurs, he loved it!

 I was pretty open in blogging his 3rd birthday that Xavier as a 2 year old wasn't easy. In fact, it was pretty hellish. I was approaching 3 with caution and hope, and let me tell you it has paid off. The 3 year old Xavier was a reward for surviving the previous year of 2 year old Xavier.

So for you, my darling son, this last year I have watched you grow and learn with my heart bursting with pride. You are gentle and loving, sharp and hilarious, sharing and warm. I see more and more of your Daddy in you each and every day, and you know what, I love him too. You are slow to warm to new settings and people, but once comfortable you engage, love, entertain. 1 year ago, I hoped that we would be rockin it and we totally are. You, Mr Xavier, rock this woman's world. I cant wait to see what the next year brings us.