Thursday, October 18, 2012

Somehow he made it to 5!

I'm not sure how he did it, but somehow Xavier made it to 5. There were several moments where we questioned quite seriously if we may sell him or leave him out for hard rubbish, but in the end we kept him. in a nutshell, 4 was bloody hard work!

Some random facts about Xavier;
  • he still loves purple and after our trip to England last year, he has a heap of purple clothes and shoes to wear, finding purple boys clothes in Australia is next to impossible. He is having a bedroom makeover soon, and has requested that his feature wall be purple... I have found a fantastic purple, silver and cream wallpaper.
  • His sister is still his best friend, unless she annoys him or wont be bossed around when he tells her that she is no longer his best friend and she comes to me hysterical. He also lists Bella, Lara, Liam, Olivia and Oliver J high on his list.
  • He still love dancing, and has started Rock Band classes. He got a guitar for his birthday (purple of course) and lovingly named it Bella Lara.
  • He has moved on a little from playing with dinosaurs, now its all about lego. Which of course daddy and grandad are loving (i am not loving picking it up and stepping on it quite so much).
  • His favouite foods are mac and cheese and he loves making home made pizza.
  • When he grows up he wants to fly aeroplanes, have 5 babies and a purple car. Apparently he will start with a purple ute, but once he has babies he will buy a bigger car with more seats for them, but it will still be purple.
Oh Xavier, Xavier, Xavier what a ride this last year has been. You have said things that have broken my heart, you have done things that have broken your sisters heart, and you have even made your father completely lose the plot at you on a number of occasions, not an easy feat.

BUT you are clever and funny and inquisitive and can be so filled with love and compassion for others it makes my heart hurt. You shine while dancing, and the sly grin after Rock Band is too cute for words. That curly hair of yours continues to grow out of control and I'm not even close to being ready to let anyone convince me to cut it off (not even daddy). Next year you become a big school boy and I can see just how ready you are. You need to be busy, you need to have things to do, you need to be around people, even if you don't want to speak to any of them, I hope that school will be exactly what you need. I hope you love being around others, learning, playing, laughing.

so far my boy, your odd number years have been wonderful, 2 and 4 were pretty sucky, so I'm looking forward to blowing this 5 year old business out of the water.

Love your guts my button pusher.

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